Tuesday, June 27, 2017


T.I., for all the seemingly negative press he has been receiving because of his marital issues being played out for the world to see via VH-1 and social media, is surely making his presence felt on the socio-political tip (no pun intended).  His Grand Hustle release of the full-length Us or Else:  Letter To The System on December 16, 2016 (as a follow-up to the EP similarly named Us or Else) signaled a slight departure from the ATL veteran.  He has always sprinkled nuggets for consumers to grasp lyrically, but his most recent work is showing great depth and maturity for the highly-regarded emcee.  If you haven't seen the short film Us or Else, then you NEED to see where T.I. is taking the listener and viewer.  It is not just a trip through the sometimes rough streets of Atlanta, but a trek throughout our concrete jungles, suburbia and Middle America.  Mere words on WISDOM SEEKER will not do justice to this dope piece of art, but hopefully REAL justice will be served when it comes to the perpetuated persecution, prosecution and execution of people of color across this vast land.  Salute to T.I. for taking a stand with his art, for this is going to open the doors for others to do the same and make a real difference.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


The Triangle's very own SkyBlew has teamed up with SublimeCloud for a follow-up project to Destined:  The Rebirth! entitled Destined:  The [R]Evolution.  This release is a prelude to the exciting news for SkyBlew to work with anime giant Funimation.  The twelve song release is a musical journey, with a layered sound, produced by SublimeCloud, catered perfectly for the mellifluous voice of SB.  Lyrically, you get a feel that is years beyond the two-plus decades of existence for SkyBlew.  He definitely has a soul that is one part 90's emcee and one part bohemian jazz musician.  Combine those dope traits with his love for anime and you have a multitalented as well as multicultural individual.  Make sure to support this dope project.  And as always, remember to "paint the sky, blew"!


Don P.  Bandana P.  Prodigy.  Albert Johnson.  For the better part of two-plus decades he, along with partner in rhyme Havoc, brought us some of the most visceral, dark and reality-laden music the genre of Hip Hop has ever witnessed.  They started their careers as Poetical Prophets (go back to The Source Unsigned Hype, July 1991 issue), but the reinvention as Mobb Deep forever forged their place in the pantheon of our culture.  In retrospect, The Infamous was the template for many a hip hop release for years to come.  In 2012 Wes Jackson (@westothejack), a Hip Hop historian and curator for The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, conducted a series of interviews with Prodigy and Havoc, centered around the seminal classic The Infamous.  Produced by Red Bull Media House and Rooster Films, this documentary gives a more candid glimpse into what prompted the two powerhouse artists in Mobb Deep to delve into the darkness that is Hip Hop culture.  What we get is a snapshot, an artistic slice that can never be replicated again with the passing of Prodigy.  Rest in power dunn.  Forever will we in the Hip Hop community be hooked on Mobb phonics.

Mobb Deep "The Infamous" documentary from Wes Jackson on Vimeo.


Back in my production and beatmaking bag for 2017.  "Soundwaves" is a newer concoction that I designed with my son and budding MC (Dub) in mind.  Hoping to hear this on an upcoming EP or mixtape later this summer.  Check this and my other aural elixirs to cure your sonic ailments via Soundcloud (link below).

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Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/wisdomsince70
E-mail:  wisdom.hiphop@gmail.com


L.A. based emcee F.Y.I. recently released ameriBLACKKK, a creative venture that allows the artist to vent and venture into conscious and woke territory.  "These The Times (Don't Judge)" is a dope piece of artistry built upon a Bob James sample (for the crate-digging contingent).  It's a positive slice for Black Americana, so to speak, and is an uplifting sonic treat (produced by Sir John Lee and featuring vocalist Kaye Fox as well as horn player Ryck Jane).  Once you listen to this song, check out the entire ameriBLACKKK release to get a feel for F.Y.I. and what he is bringing to the table.  The Left Coast is definitely at the forefront of bringing dope emcees and Hip Hop to the masses.  F.Y.I. is someone to pay attention to for '17 and beyond.

Twitter: @FYIpsalms
Facebook: https://facebook.com/fyipsalms
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fyipsalms

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Blastmaster is back with arguably his best release sonically in a good while.  Lyrically KRS-ONE has NEVER been at a loss for words or flow; however, his beat selections have been less than stellar, akin to Nas.  Definitely no shots thrown at either elite lyricist.  It appears that KRS has found his footing this album from a musical standpoint.  This album bangs from beginning to end, and I am definitely recommending this as one of the best releases for 2017.  Fifteen tracks at 43:38 should keep the attention of our ADHD culture.  Hit the Bandcamp and/or website to listen, download and support. 

Bandcamp:  https://krsone.bandcamp.com/album/the-world-is-mind
Official Website:  https://www.krs-one.com/
Twitter:  @IAmKRSOne

Saturday, March 11, 2017


For those that have never experienced a Boiler Room set with world-wide acclaimed spinners from various genres, it is an absolute treat.  With the dj front and center the listening audience is bombarded with hours of music spanning different avenues.  Of course the best to showcase a Boiler Room set would have to be my personal favorite behind the wheels of steel (or Serato), DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Adding more panache to the golden moment in January 2017 is DJ Jazzy Jeff transferring that energy to a Philly crowd.  What we have hear is close to two hours of non-stop music that only Jazzy Jeff could bring to life on an intimate yet vibrant scale in his hometown.  With his resident sidekick and artist Dayne Jordan accompanying him as official hype man, DJ Jazzy Jeff puts on a performance for the ages.   Please don't hesitate to play this during some downtime, at work, or whenever you get the opportunity.  You will surely be satisfied yet yearning for more.  Make certain you also check out the very dope Vinyl Destination series, where you get a peek into the touring lifestyle that Jeff and company endures for the culture.