Sunday, October 12, 2014


It has indeed been a good while since I've posted on WISDOM SEEKER (and an even longer time for my Sample Sunday series).  As things change, things stay the same.  This is my mantra when it comes to Hip Hop culture.  It is good, nevertheless, to be back at home with WISDOM SEEKER.  I've missed writing articles, posting interviews, uploading videos, showcasing new/underground music, and shining light on Hip Hop music that goes unappreciated. 

Since Hip Hop is my focus, it would be appropriate to reintroduce Sample Sunday with the Mos Def classic "Hip Hop".  I loved this joint in 1999, and I STILL play this for inspiration.  Black On Both Sides was released 15 years ago today, so it is fitting to have "Hip Hop" as Sample Sunday material.  Mos Def set the tone for Black On Both Sides by spittin' heat on "Hip Hop".  "Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape now let it fall" is how Mighty Mos opened the seminal cut, and it set the tone for what was to follow throughout "Hip Hop" (and Black On Both Sides for that matter).  The lyrical bravado exhibited is nothing short of incredible by Mos Def.  Here's "Hip Hop", in all its glory.

Credit Diamond D for his diggin' in the crates mentality with "Hip Hop" (peep the double entendre).  The drums used for "Hip Hop" come courtesy of the Stanley Clarke song "Slow Dance" (1978), also used in the Nas classic "It Ain't Hard To Tell".  The meat of the beat, however, belongs to the incomparable David Axelrod, one of my personal favorites when it comes to a sample-laden catalog.  "The Warning Talk (Part II)" is from the 1970 Capitol Records album Earth Rot, and the apocalyptic soundscape provided by this song laid the groundwork for Mos Def to wax poetic over the course of three-plus minutes.

Happy 15th Anniversary for Black On Both Sides.  Go back and revisit one of the gems in the Mos Def catalog.  From "Umi Says" to "Mathematics" to "Ms. Fat Booty", this album showcased the Mos Def we all came to love and respect.   Now known as Yasiin Bey, you can find the multitalented artist on Twitter (@MosDefOfficial).  You can also check out the other players involved in "Hip Hop".  Stanley Clarke (@MrStanleyClarke) still has a viable career, leading The Stanley Clarke Band and releasing a new album Up (  Diamond D (@DiamondDITC) has just dropped a dope album The Diam Piece, available on iTunes:  David Axelrod has an illustrious career as composer, producer, arranger, with a deep discography spanning many decades (  His music has been sampled time and time again by a multitude of  producers in the Hip Hop realm.  All of these puzzle pieces created "Hip Hop", and Hip Hop is better for its existence.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello WISDOM SEEKERS! The season is here for me to FINALLY unveil this long-awaited MAN VS. MASCHINE beat album. It's been in the planning stages for a good while now. I could easily just get a few copies and hand it out to family and friends, but that's not my agenda. I want this release to be special. To help with the process, I'm enlisting support from anyone that loves Hip Hop and the spirit that comes from the positive aspects of the culture. With that being said, check out my Indiegogo project page for further information about helping this vision come to light. I appreciate all the support, love, and respect given to me over the years, and I hope that MAN VS. MASCHINE will give back to the Hip Hop community, even in the smallest, most minute manner.

One love...


Monday, May 26, 2014


First of all, I'm loving the retro Blue Note-inspired artwork for this new Denmark Vessey beat joint spearheaded by DJ House ShoesHouse Shoes Presents:  The Gift Volume IX --- Denmark Vessey showcases the production prowess of the talented Motor City emcee.  This 14-cut instrumental/beat album is a dope testament to the abundance of talent that doesn't get shine on the commercial front.  I revel in being able to put even a glimmer of illumination in the atmosphere when it comes to artistry of this caliber.  I see nothing but bright days ahead on the Hip Hop calendar for Denmark Vessey (whose moniker is a reference to the former slave Denmark Vesey, who purchased his freedom and plotted an unsuccessful slave revolt in Charleston, South Carolina).  Peep this gem, and check out the other joints in the House Shoes Presents: The Gift series.  You'll be glad you did.



The Baltimore IndieFest has been a long time in the making for Charm City heads.  No commercialism.  No filler.  Just pure, unadulterated music courtesy of some of the finest talent within the region.  Names such as Eze Jackson, Greenspan, Wendel Patrick, Kissi B, DJ P Chris, DJ Trelly Trell, and Queen Culture will infiltrate The 8x10 on May 30th to bring a level of artistry that is sometimes not showcased in our fair city.  Even though I am physically 300 miles away in the City Of Oaks, I still give my deepest support for the Baltimore IndieFest movement.  It will be a very dope event, to say the least.  Leading up to the musical extravaganza is the DJ Trelly Trell-mixed promotional mixtape.  Baltimore IndieFest The Mixtape gives the listener a glimpse into what is in store at The 8x10 this upcoming Friday.  Thirteen prime cuts will wet your whistle and leave ears wanting more.  Get your tickets via the website:

Let this dope mixtape serve notice that the independent, underground scene is alive and well in the metropolis by the Patapsco.


Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is a major late pass moment for me.  I normally don't allow dope music, right under my nose, to slip through the cracks, but in this case I was oblivious to the Ethel Cee and Dumhi EP entitled SEVEN THIRTY.  Dumhi has been on my radar as Okayplayer fam for quite a few years [shout out Mash Comp (@wisemath) and Haj (@alwaysdumhi) and the other Dumhi-related artists].  Ethel Cee (@EthelCee) is, in one word, amazing.  Gender plays no role in me identifying someone with lyrical and artistic talent, and Ethel Cee is the epitome of talent.  The Illadelph lyricist teamed up with Dumhi producer to release SEVEN THIRTY to unsuspecting ears Spring 2012 (hence the late pass reference). 

A video that I came across this weekend is the very creative "Lost".  Utilizing a sample from the television cult-classic Soap, and then creatively intertwining footage from the seminal late 70's/early 80's ABC show that I fondly remember, "Lost" takes us on a short yet precise journey.  Cee drops gems during her one verse dissertation on love that may be seemingly lost.  Not lost, however, is the accompanying production Haj has concocted.  You be the judge AND jury, because the verdict is in, and "Lost" (as well as the entire excellently executed EP) is a dope listen, even a couple years after its release.  In the meantime, watch this inventive video.  I guess I will be posting late pass options going forward, thanks to this joint!

Visit the aforementioned artist websites to see more music in the burgeoning discographies.  Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, and listen to some dope music!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Aisha Karimah has created a dope mixtape of DMV-based lyricists entitled Joints For The Parkway Drive:  DJ Set Volume III.  Most, if not all, in the Baltimore-Washington area have experienced the rush hour traffic on BW Parkway at one time or another.  This mixtape will definitely help that experience go a tad bit smoother, as various repected artists rep the DMV region.  Kev Brown, Wordsmith, Kaimbr, Sean-Toure', Gods'illa, Oddisee, Labtekwon, Asheru, Substantial, Hassan Mackey, Ill Conscious, Maimouna Youssef, Roddy Rod, Priest Da Nomad, Circle Of Native Vibes, Kenn Starr, yU, Raheem Devaughn (and others) come together on one cohesive mix, showcasing the breadth and depth of Hip Hop from seemingly two different worlds (B-more and DC).  It's refreshing to hear this dopeness flow from one song to the next, and it's even more refreshing that a sista is bringing this to the masses.

Be sure to check out other offerings from Aisha Karimah (@aishakarimah):


As the follow-up to his Sept. '13 release, NC producer/beatsmith Ace Dizzy Flow (@acedizzyflow) gives us Late Nostalgic Nights Vol. 2.  The common thread of nostalgia-based samples continues on Vol. 2, as Ace seamlessly carries on the tradition of North Cak production prowess.  His eleven-cut offering has many high moments, such as "Spacey Adams", "Always (Will)", and my personal favorite "Living In The 90's" (dope chop of the "Living Single" theme).

Peep the discography via Bandcamp:  Also take note of the blog The NQM ( for insightful stories and music from a different perspective.  No more words from me...I will let the music of Ace Dizzy Flow speak.  Support my NC brethren in this thing we call Hip Hop!