Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Written by:  WISDOM

My value is so much more than what you see,
More than dollar signs or ungrateful demands

I’m a man who has endured pain and strain with little gain,
In this game of life filled with strife

Filled with prices tagged and laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, downplayed, dismayed,
Misplaced in this place of existence no longer resistant will I be

I see clearly the picture developing for years in front of blinded vision,
My mind has risen to a higher plane where the wiser reign

I write my pain on paper with indelible ink flowing like boiling blood,
Flowing through capillaries and veins maintain sanity even when faced with your vanity

Facing calamity of the highest degree,
Trying to be a master, or looking for a bachelor, while dealing with the wrong associates

I’m over it because I finally noticed it,
The foolishness that has been ruling this house that is no longer a home

Even though home is where the heart is just consider me heartless,
One of the smartest made a stupid move

But I’m in this game of chess with a checkered past,
Past brought back to present trying to overwhelm a bright future

For I to eradicate animosity have to eliminate tendencies not conducive for growth,
It’s been a long road traveled with passengers that no longer are wanting to journey

Remaining in same spot with same plot filled with shame,
But no letter of scarlet is needed to designate indiscretions and transgressions

My guilt resides with aggression and anger, depression and danger,
Dodging daggers thrown my direction by those who point fingers and have no idea

No idea at what I’ve endured for the duration, not innocent by any means,
But a means to an end doesn’t mean being mean to the end

The end is actually the beginning of a new day,
Instead of worrying about what’s happening at night

Me working like slave on life’s plantation,
While others can go as they please with no rhyme or reason

No crime of passion in this season of rebirth where my worth is being reevaluated,
Not needing someone that should be in my corner for validating

Exaggerating I’m not, for the tears have dried from years of lies and deceit,
Tried to defeat me and beat me down with verbal blows and punches

Would rather blow herbal from the essence instead of acknowledging my presence,
Because it’s painfully obvious that this all part of God’s life lesson

Take nothing for granted and enjoy each moment that has been given,
For we will never know when we may no longer be living

I’m living proof that living a lie is so much worse that delivering the truth,
I have resolved within self that whatever it may be I still refuse to lose

Lose myself, my character, my mind, my love, my heart, my soul,
My hope, my dreams, my time, more valuable than you will ever know

But it will be too late…too late…too late,
Too late to turn back the hands on the clock still ticking

Still kicking self because too late should have registered,
Yet it didn’t because of disrespect on the regular

On both sides of the fence it is not just me suffering,
But living with no love yet still encounter lusting

Frustrating existence so I must face resistance,
And trust as well as listen for the signs that a new day is on horizon

Sun rising in the east over blue oceans that reflect my dreams and aspirations,
Come clean with realizations that I’ve seen the declarations

Not just decorations because that covers up the true,
Ovations and cheers for loving what I can do

So to those that don’t believe or think I can’t achieve,
Moving forward in life if you stay or you leave

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