Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Den of iniquity, sin's inequality

Pen the anthology of sons

Writing letters from cells

Brain cells wasting away

Chasing away dreams no longer in living color

Devoid of chromatic schemes

Themes seen on screens

Screams heard on wax

Wax poetic about acts prophetic

Act apologetic when pathetic

Acidic words flow from bitter tongues

Git 'ur done is the new mantra

Where guerrillas in units have replaced black panthers

Pushing mass units

Men considered eunuchs

Women no longer satisfied by phallic fallacies

Penal problems caused by 400 years of stripping

Taking manhood one man, one hood at a time

Leaving sisters to fend for self

Using assets trying to acquire wealth

Yet lacking self worth

Covering the hurt and pain

The work and strain of raising children

Lowering standards stolen by bandits

Thieves in the day, rapists in the night

White power mixed with black pride

Equals gray matter that doesn't matter any longer

Wandering through life pondering death

Survival of the unfit in urban jungles

Makes me wonder how to keep from going under

Under the knife, in front of the bullet

Pay the price when the trigger we pull it

The time is now to put down the smoking gun

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