Friday, March 26, 2010


Genesis of seeds planted in fertile soil

Granted permission to grow
Not planned but reap what you sow
Baggage in tow time to move forward
In retrospect sit back annd think of four words
'Lord, please forgive me...'
Deliver me and allow me to live free
Not free in in the sense of no responsibility
But giving my mind rest and tranquility
The ability to discern right from wrong
Bringing to the light my darkest song
Won't name that tune yet because it's incomplete
I may have the lyrics but there is no beat
A heart that is heavy needs to weigh its options
Before it stops beating from exposure to toxins
So rid self of any foreign particles
Turning a life into something philosophical
Pondering, wondering, imagining, hoping
Wandering, pandering, laughing, coping
Decisions that have been made you have to see to fruition
Retrospect for life is now my position

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