Sunday, October 24, 2010


Written by: Wisdom

Even though my raffle ticket 938105 didn’t result in any prizes, “Gypsy Soul Presents The Sound Check Series Featuring Authenticity By The Foreign Exchange” at Teavolve was a very nice event. With music from The Foreign Exchange as the backdrop for the evening, the mood was set to preview the third release from Nicolay, Phonte, and crew. DJ Lil Mic manned the wheels of steel for the event, sponsored by Gypsy Soul in conjunction with Teavolve. Gypsy Soul definitely has its finger on the pulse of urban music in the Baltimore area, and this Thursday evening was no exception. Kayenecha Daugherty and the Gypsy Soul team are becoming quite accustomed to providing an atmosphere conducive for good music.

Authenticity, in my opinion, is the perfect soundtrack for fall. From the foliage-colored album cover to the autumn-themed musical content, the album fits like a glove during this season. DJ Lil Mic played many cuts from the current album, including “The Last Fall”, the title song “Authenticity”, and lead single “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me”. I could tell that the Teavolve crowd was enjoying the soul vibe that permeated the air. The Foreign Exchange is the rare group in today’s musical environment that can conjure up this type of excitement just on pure musicality. I am an avid fan of the group, so I may seem a tad bit biased when discussing all things The Foreign Exchange. I loved the fact that I could vibe and discuss the album and group with others in the venue, including my wife and CVEG CEO Lewis Williams. We talked about various things relating to the album, including how it fits into the overall catalog of music for Nicolay and Phonte.

Throughout the evening, you could sense that the album was being enjoyed by the professional, progressive crowd in attendance. I didn’t sense any disappointment from anyone at Teavolve. With the album being released on October 12, 2010, you could tell that quite a few had purchased the album, including myself. The album fits nicely with the other albums from The Foreign Exchange, Connected and Leave It All Behind. DJ Lil Mic managed to play some songs from those albums as well. He even played a nice blend of Slum Village’s “Players” mixed with the a cappella from Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies”. The overall atmosphere was spirited and merry, thanks to a balance of great music and like-minded individuals in attendance.

All in all, the night was lovely! Authenticity is another gem from the musical minds of Nicolay and Phonte Coleman, and I’m pretty sure that those who attended The Sound Check Series at Teavolve are in agreement. A special thank you goes out to Gypsy Soul, Edith Williams from Diamond Digital Portraits, DJ Lil Mic, Lewis Williams and Teavolve for a beautiful evening filled with special music and good vibes.  If you haven't yet attended a Gypsy Soul event, make it a point to do so!  Stay tuned for my comprehensive review of Authenticity, by far one of the best releases for 2010.

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  1. I thought I saw the reputed blogger/writer "Wisdom" in the place to be; however, due to non clarification I forfeited my introduction and stayed in the background. Once again Tealove has given a splendiferous show with a cornucopia rare talent both with Wisdom and Foreign Exchange. Much success to all!