Monday, October 11, 2010


Article written by: WISDOM

Being arguably the most influential entity in music, and entertainment, for that matter, is no easy feat. Such is the case for one Shawn Carter, professionally known to the world as Jay-Z. This Brooklyn emcee has reached heights few individuals can attest to or imagine. If you doubt this statement, take a look at the most recent cover of Forbes Magazine for proof. Jay-Z has been able to parlay an incomparable lyrical talent into a one-man hip hop empire. Of course, with the accolades come disparaging character remarks. The one that has been circulating around the rumor mill for a good while now is that the one Shawn Corey Carter is part of the infamous Illuminati sect. What exactly is Illuminati? Is Jay-Z a freemason?

In the Rick Ross and Jay-Z collaboration “Free Mason”, Jay-Z goes into lyrical detail about his supposed involvement with The Illuminati and freemasonry. He cleverly discusses how the purported talk about his involvement is making waves in the hip hop community. Here is the controversial verse, unedited, from the one and only Jay-Z.

“Niggas couldn’t do nothing with me, they put the devil on me
I’da preferred if niggas just squeeze the metal on me
Rumors of Lucifer, I don’t know who to trust
Whole world want my demise, turn the music up
Hear me clearly, if y’all niggas fear me, just say y’all fear me
Fuck all these fairy tales, go to hell, this is God-engineering
This is a Hail Mary pass, y’all interfering
He without sin shall cast the first stone
So y’all look in the mirror, double-check y’all appearance
Bitch, I said I was amazing…
Not that I’m a Mason
It’s amazing that I made it through the maze that I was in
Lord, forgive me I never would’ve made it without sin
Holy water my face in the basin
Diamonds in my rosary shows He forgave him
Bitch, I’m red hot, I’m on my third six, but the devil I’m not
My Jesus piece flooded, but thou shall not covet
Keep your eyes off my cupboard
I’m a bad motherfucker, it’s Hov, just say you love it.”

The first time I heard this verse, I was amazed at the candor as well as lyrical prowess. Jay-Z basically used no more than a sixteen-bar structure to dissect the notion of him devil worshipping and following the secret society known as Illuminati. Jay-Z talking about “secret society” is nothing new; this is something that he has spit before to showcase his Rocafella crew. However, in hip hop, lyrical imagery, similes, metaphors, and hyperbole are all creative tools used to convey a message in a unique fashion. I don’t believe that Jay-Z is partaking in the notion of New World Order, Illuminati, Freemasonry, or any of the many nomenclatures associated with the earthly underworld.

Upon research, I’ve discovered that there are 33 levels to Freemasonry. One of the biggest notions with involvement in these secret societies is just that, secrecy. Someone with the persona of Jay-Z is not privy to being a tool in developing a New World Order, which is probably the ultimate goal with these organizations. I feel that the media, as the propaganda tool it is, is responsible for putting this misconception in the airwaves to distract from those that may REALLY be involved in the development of a New World Order. To me, it is a somewhat ludicrous notion to place that mantle on the shoulders of someone with as much notoriety as Shawn Corey. Because the Illuminati and order of Freemasonry operate under veiled movement, using Jay-Z as a pawn in government overthrow just doesn’t make too much sense, in my humble opinion.

This is an ongoing saga, so I will continue this discussion at a later moment. In closing, I strongly feel that Jay-Z is not down with a “secret society”, in the mythical sense. He does wield power, but not the type of power and influence necessary to bring forth a New World Order. Keep eyes and ears open, and don’t necessarily allow media outlets to dictate perception and opinion.


  1. Once one starts to think outside of the box one is considered different. On the internet you can find out more about Freemasons than you can about some these Greek fraternities so where is the secret. In a book called the Secret it says the answers to life problems all lie in a book waiting to be read. The answers originally were gonna be hidden or buried away but they knew no one would read it in a book. Jay Z has manage to dumb down some of the most thought provoking ideas man has ever talked about and all he did was hide it behind a beat because you wouldn't listen else wise. Change isn't always bad nor is thinking different. peace Don

  2. Rick Ross just talked about more masonic and occult symbology in the beginning of this song than Jay has on any of his albums to date.

    Get off Jay in this song and start researching Ross. Google hidden knowledge and solomon's seal. Maybe throw the word Gnosis in there for good measure and you'll be occupied for weeks.

  3. Rick Ross admitted when interviewed by a Mason that he is not a Mason...