Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's great seeing my B-more sis Maimouna Youssef getting more shine for her vast talents and broad creative steps throughout her musical journey.  From her Cirius B days with cousin and musical cohort Omari Forman-Bey (also known as AzIz) to her Grammy-nominated turn with the Legendary Roots crew on "Don't Feel Right", Mumu Fresh has been illuminating her eclectic musical tastes for all to see.  With The Reintroduction Of Mumu Fresh ready to drop in a few days, we have the fresh visuals for her take on the '13 Lorde song "Royals".  "We're Already Royal", directed by B. Kyle (@BKyle_), gives us Youseff's take on what royalty really is in the 21st Century.


Big things are on the horizon with The Reintroduction Of Mumu Fresh.  Support this VERY dope artist.  You can find her on Twitter @maimounayoussef. 
Peace and blessings on this Mother's Day!  We're already royal...  

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