Monday, September 12, 2011


I have been a huge proponent of Gods'illa for the past couple of years now, because they embody what I want AND need to hear from a hip hop perspective.  Their lyrical kinship has been evident from the beginning, and it all comes full circle with what I feel is one of the best releases in 2011 bar none, no matter the musical genre.  I say this because, after listening to CPR The Blend Tape, I get that sense of what true hip hop is all about.  This is the essence of the culture, without sounding dated or out of touch.  In fact, the lyricism and music on this collection is pure brilliance from beginning to end, with no songs that are fast-forward worthy.  With this release being a throwback and forward-thinking all in the same token, you get that notion that Gods'illa should be mentioned with their contemporaries.  Truth be told, these brothers (figuratively and literally) are in a class all to themselves, because their musical endeavors are substance filled, not filler material.  Once you get the opportunity to check out this twenty-one song release, then check out the rest of their catalog to be a believer. 

Go to in order to locate other music by Gods'illa.  You can also follow Gods'illa on Twitter at @GodsIlla.  On Tuesdays, you can find this musical trio hosting Up And Up Open Mic at LIV Nightclub, located in the jazz lounge for Bohemian Caverns at 2001 11th Street NW in D.C.  If you don't already know about the UAU Open Mic, you should really ask someone that has frequented the acclaimed gathering, that has attracted an eclectic crowd of poets, thugged-out emcees, artists, comedians, and anyone else that has a creative or artistic talent.  This weekly showcase gives everyone an opportunity to perform without boundaries or restrictions, and is a breathe of fresh air in today's stagnant musical atmosphere.  Acem, Truth, and Powerful should be commended for organizing a unique event and continuing to produce thought-provoking music.  With the illest hip hop moniker in the game, please support Gods'illa!

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