Thursday, January 31, 2013


Even though I'm in Purple Reign euphoria while enjoying Carolina blue skies, I still have time for the love of my life known as Hip Hop!  My short sabbatical has not dampened my passion in the least bit when it comes to my culture.  One of the main proponents of said culture is the one and only Talib Kweli Greene, known to the world as simply Talib Kweli.  "Upper Echelon" is a new joint where Kweli channels the energy and wordplay of "Mister Scientifical" himself, Masta Ace.  Seemingly shot while Talib Kweli was in performance mode, Fredo Tovar brings the visuals to life with crazy camera angles and quick edits, captivating the viewer at every turn.  Part dope, part voyeuristic pleasure, this Harry Fraud-produced gem is slated to be a part of the forthcoming Talib Kweli release Prisoner Of Conscious.  I am anxiously awaiting that April 23rd release, but in the meantime, peep this dope visual experience, courtesy of Okayplayer.