Wednesday, March 16, 2022


This collaboration wasn't on my radar, but I am surely glad the two powerhouse, yet underrated, creatives Elzhi and Georgia Anne Muldrow decided to bless us with Zhigeist.  The eleven-track offering brings the best of both spheres together, merging the lyrical worlds of Motor City emcee with the LA-born producer/instrumentalist/artist.  Together they make beautiful music that is a welcome departure from the trapped in trap musical world that we live in at the moment (a moment that has gone on for quite a while to be perfectly honest).  This is definitely a multiple listen project, so carve out a little time to absorb and digest the lyricism of Elzhi and musicality of Muldrow.  You won't be disappointed.




The Off-Broadway wonder that is Black No More opened recently to positive reviews.  The Afrofuturistic offering, inspired by the 1931 novel of the same name by George S. Schuyler, is a satirized view of race relations in a Harlem Renaissance-set America.  

Co-written by Tariq Trotter (better known to the hip hop sphere as Black Thought) and adapted from a book by Academy Award winner John Ridley (of 12 Years A Slave fame), this play covers much ground.  Billed as a musical, you have Trotter, fellow Roots Crew member James Poyser, Anthony Tidd and Daryl Waters bringing the melodic noise.  Black Thought also provides the lyrical firepower for Black No More.  Two-time Tony Award winner Bill T. Jones brings his choreographic expertise to this auspicious production.  

Max Disher, played by Brandon Victor Dixon, is the central character that has utilized the services of  Junius Crookman (Tariq Trotter), seeking to transform from Black to Caucasian through a mystery machine.  Through song and dance, The New Group performed, enacted and portrayed a very pertinent message with this recent run from January 20th through February 27th.  I am looking forward to the powers that be to recognize the power of this musical and bring it to Broadway.   Read more about Black No More via the links below.  I know you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


This should have been posted in 2020.  No better time than the present.  "Thought Vs Everybody" is from the dope release from Tariq Trotter titled Streams Of Thought, Vol. 3:  Cane & Able.  I know the multitude is patiently waiting for a new album from The Legendary Roots Crew.  Black Thought, of course, has been busy with his late-night gig on The Tonight Show, and more recently his Broadway musical turn in Black No More.  Stay tuned for more insight into that dope musical.

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 Welcome back to reality.  

It's been such a long time since I've tapped into this site.  I've been on a quest to create doper beats and improve upon my 30+ year spinnin' skills that I put on the back-burner for the longest.  Writing has not abandoned me, however.  I am looking to keep my virtual pen alive and well for 2022 and beyond.  

While perusing and musing online for some creative ideas I came across this hidden gem from 2017.  For those that do not know, NOE is a Baltimore-bred emcee known for his Jay-Z-like vocal timbre and affiliate of Jim Jones' ByrdGang.  Here is a dope glimpse into the existence of the East Baltimore artist.

Artist Website:

Twitter:  @NOETheBrand