Sunday, December 9, 2012


Lupe Fiasco has been one of my favorite artists for the better part of a decade, even with his label "fiascos" overshadowing his undeniable talent.  Here is a sixteen-minute interview with KC Chopz, touching on topics ranging from his G.O.O.D. Music cohorts, comparisons with Kanye and Pharrell, and his aforementioned label woes.  Thanks to Okayplayer for, as usual, providing a link to this dope, insightful interview, which was directed/edited by Steve "Alien" for Most High Films.  Don't believe the retirement rumors! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Reggie Noble still has that it factor when it comes to spittin'.  No denying he is one of a kind within the hip hop pantheon.  Here is a little morsel to tease the appetites of those Gilla House fans that are waiting for the Funk Doc to make more dope music.  Hopefully this is a reflection of music to come from Redman and the Green-Eyed Bandit himself Erick Sermon, who produced this treat.  Rest in eternal peace Boston Nic!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here's a late pass joint for your ears!  Slakah the Beatchild is a dope artist from north of the border, calling T-Dot home.  Here we have the follow-up to the cult classic "Enjoy Ya Self".  "Enjoy Ya Self V2" has a chill cameo from Jimmy Wheelchair himself, Aubrey Drake Graham, sharing the track with his Toronto brethren.  I love the vibe of this track, as Slakah effortlessly breezes through the verses with a sing-song flow.  Drake opens the song lovely, complimenting the smoothed-out production of Slakah the Beatchild.  As the last track on the dope, yet slept-on collection entitled Soul Movement, Volume 1, you catch a glimpse into the creativity behind this revered artist.  Once you peep the visuals, directed by RT, hit the website at for some dopeness.  Better late than never!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Video: "Black Orpheus"---Jesse Boykins III feat. MeLo-X

Jesse Boykins III is one of those talents that flies under the proverbial radar, but gets MUCH RESPECT from a brotha like myself.  I've had the pleasure of witnessing his artistry live and in person last year in Baltimore at Select Lounge, so I'm no stranger to what he brings to the table.  With his frequent collaborator in tow, MeLo-X, "Black Orpheus" emerges.  A dope, visual, visceral piece of work is what we have here with this new video.  Take a few minutes to observe and absorb what JBIII is bringing to light for the new year (sorry, but that Mayan calendar thing is not gonna happen people).  Directed by Dr. Woo, this eye-grasping treat will sure to have you talking about this artist.  Hit iTunes and download the new LP Zulu Guru, which will take you into that crazy, sexy, cool dimension that Jesse Boykins III occupies for the women.  Follow JBIII on Twitter: @JesseBoykins3rd.

Video----J Rocc Breaks Down J Dilla Interludes

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!  Good to be back on fertile soil with WISDOM SEEKER, my oasis for dope Hip Hop culture.  It's been thirty long days since I've touched this, but the time away has sharpened my vision and enhanced my senses Hip Hop Blogosphere!  In the past month alone, I've witnessed a plethora of musical and artistic endeavors, be it ratchet or hatchet.  In any event, Wisdom is back spreading the word as only I can.  With a renewed vision for 2013 in my crosshairs, it's high time for me to not only go "Back To The Future" Michael J. Fox-style, but take it back to the essence a la the pioneers of this thing that I love and inhale.  I won't be just touching on the obvious, but I will be reflecting light onto those pushing the culture forward.  In the infamous words of my North Cakalak sista Rapsody of Kooley High fame, CULTURE OVER EVERYTHING!

Off my soapbox, and on to the next one...

What we have here is a J Rocc short video, detailing the interludes of some very hot James Yancey joints.  For those not in the know, Mr. Yancey is the late, great J Dilla (Dilla Dawg, Jay Dee, etc.).  One of my biggest inspirations in this culture when it comes to crafting heat rocks like the new version of Pete Rock, Dilla has been revered by those inside AND outside of the Hip Hop box.  Box may be the wrong term, because listening to some of the aural concoctions from J Dilla will let you know that his music had few, if any, boundaries.  This 1:53 visual brings you into the insular world that was Dilla, at least in terms of his prowess behind the artistry that is beatmaking.  His interludes were doper than many full-blown beats.  J Rocc does a good job when discussing Somewhere Over The Radio.

Peep the vid, courtesy of Bling47 and Okayplayer, and do some diggin' to find out what type of ear Dilla had by combing through the audio treats of Somewhere Over The Radio (the 1979 comedy release from humorists Stevens & Grdnic).

Avant garde will be my calling card, so don't expect any Gucci, Weezy, Fiddy talk on these pages (unless the miraculously step their respective games ALL THE WAY UP!)  Even then, I probably won't have much to say.  I want those underdogs, underlings, underappreciated cats to get shine via WISDOM SEEKER.  Remember the mantra:  BEATS, RHYMES, LIFE...