Saturday, February 22, 2014


DJ Awethentic is bringing us the next installment in his series The Underground Railroad. This natural progression picks up where The Underground Railroad (The Prequel) left off, with cuts and blends showcasing a side of Hip Hop that is rarely heard. This East Coast-bred DJ/Producer/MC brings forth skills cultivated in the 80's and 90's. Even though the technology makes it relatively easy to call almost anyone a "DJ" (see Paris Hilton for this example), Awethentic lives up to his moniker, seamlessly blending and transitioning from one underground gem to another. If you like, better yet LOVE, your Hip Hop on the underground level, this is the project for you. Hit this DJ aficionado up via Twitter: @DJAwethentic.


I've been on hiatus for 2014 when it comes to WISDOM SEEKER, but it is time to reload and bring that pure, unadulterated Hip Hop to those in the blogosphere. First up, we have the forever-grinding Rome Cee, with his dope project entitled EarthSide. This 20-track offering is another feather in the cap for the Harm City emcee, as he continues to grow and push the envelope musically. I could go on and on, but I feel that his music will do MUCH more than what I can describe here. Listen and cop the album!


Twitter:  @RomeCee