Wednesday, May 30, 2012


D.J. Jazzy Jeff.  Jeffrey Townes.  The best DJ in the world.  My biggest influence in hip hop (next to Awethentic and Speech).  Since I was a sophomore in high school, Jazzy Jeff has been on my radar because of his cutting edge techniques on the Technics (pun intended).  Again, he is the best DJ in the world.  I can go on and on about his influence on subsequent turntablists, but I won't.  This Fuse Crate Diggers episode shows Jeff in his vinyl element, musing over his obsession with records.  He doesn't necessarily consider himself a digger, but a lover of records and music.  He just happens to have a large amount of records in his Illadelph arsenal.  Watch this dope nine-plus minute video, courtesy of Fuse and YouTube.  Just viewing this has inspired me to continue on that neverending quest for vinyl and records.  I don't have the close to twenty crates of records any longer, but the love will ALWAYS be there. 

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