Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Courtesy of Snag Films (@SnagFilms), you can view the informative documentary entitled Becoming BarackThis 41-minute look into the years leading up to the election of our nation's first Black president is a dope introspective.  With the impending November primary election looming, it is a good opportunity to see what America, specifically Black America, fell in love with when it came to President Barack Obama.  Hopefully this short viewing will spark more dialogue, and guide those without any designs on voting to the polls, in order to make their respective voices heard in this most important of elections.  Special thanks goes to director Robert Yuhas and executive producer Stuart A. Goldman, who collectively brought their vision to the viewing world.  From the urban environment of Chicago to the social dichotomy known as DC, President Obama was, and continues to be, a dynamic figure for the disenfranchised and middle class denizens.


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