Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Nasir Jones has done it again.  He has crafted another thought-provoking joint with "Daughters", a song I can surely relate to at this point.  What more can you say about his prolific career?  Of course he has some missteps along the way, but who doesn't.  His trajectory within hip hop is almost unparalleled.  He has almost made an entire career on sheer lyricism.  "Daughters" is another feather in that pimped-out, Don-inspired cap that Nas has been wearing since the 1990's.  Like the title implies, the song is his fatherly perspective on having a daughter.  He doesn't sugarcoat the topic, but instead speaks the realistic view on his position as a very famous father with a daughter that has to deal with growing up in her father's far-casting shadow.  The picture painted by Nas is vivid, as usual, and those brothas within the hip hop diaspora with daughters, young and older, can surely relate.  Crafted by No I.D., the song is a great marriage between beat and rhyme.  The video, directed by Maryland native Chris Robinson, is a look through the eyes of Destiny Jones, the teen daughter of Nas.  If this is any indication of what to expect from Life Is Good, the tenth studio album for the dynamic lyricist, we should have a gem on our hands when it is due to be released July 17th.  Looking at this video, I think about my own twenty-year old daughter who is coming into her own as a young woman in this shifting world of ours.  I'm glad that I'm getting that opportunity to witness this next phase in her life.  On that note, I say peace to all the brothas within hip hop culture that are strong fathers and shining examples for their daughters.

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