Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Feel pain in heart burdened with excess stress

No relief in sight unless you look to the future

Don't live in the past because it will entrap you

In a prison that can be escaped once mind is refocused

Reloaded ammunition into life gun and shoot for the stars

Spit bars of hope instead of spend time and money in bars

Barred from that existence is what the outcome should be

Let income accumulate to build the American Dream

And stop having nightmares filled with fright and terror

Welcome To The Terrordome blaring from speakers made for deaf ears

Maybe one day listening instead of babbling may end the battling

But ears are filled with wax made of parrafin

Paraphasing paragraphs prepared for perpetual motion

Mountains out of molehills made mental notes of commotion

Not sure why these words appear on these pages

Maybe it's a way to deal with anger and rage

Slave to master 'bout to make escape into dark

Might hurt heart but life needs resuscitating

Hip hop not dead, I am hip hop

I am soul, I am rock and roll

I am neo-soul, like Neo in The Matrix trilogy

Looking for The One except eyes have seen too many

Empty feeling with two so now is the time to go underground

With railroad, with hip hop, with pipelines

Not sniffing white lines or telling white lies

Truth in coded language only a select few will understand

Who won't undermine or underappreciate

Or make mistakes the basis of existence

Facing resistance, flee into the woods

Following streams of consciousness to new land, new time, new person...

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