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NOTE:  This interview was conducted earlier in 2012 and was slated for print via On The Rise Magazine.  I am now including this interview for my WISDOM SEEKER readers to view and enjoy.  Special thanks goes to Doc Ice and Mocca Styles for allowing me access into the musical life of a hip hop legend.

Iconic. Legendary. Trendsetter. These are just a few words that aptly describe Doctor Ice, from UTFO fame. Now going by the shortened moniker Doc Ice, he is making his presence felt again in this constantly fickle hip hop landscape. He has never truly disappeared from the music scene, still recording and performing for the customary old school hip hop heads, all the while gaining newer fans. Most know him for his contributions with UTFO, some recognize him as a prior dancer with Whodini (whose group member Jalil is the older brother of Doc Ice). Doc Ice is blazing a new trail here in the 21st Century, reacquainting himself with the hip hop realm. Because he is such a busy individual with recording and performing, it took a good while before we were able to connect for this interview. I extend special thanks to Mocca Styles with 4 Diamonds Productions for granting access and providing excellent PR with Doc Ice.

WISDOM:  It's a pleasure and honor having this opportunity to interview a hip hop icon. Thanks to your PR rep Mocca Styles, I've had the chance to listen to the new song "They'll Never Be" featuring Full Force. Tell the readers what you are currently working on music-wise.

DOC ICE:  Thank you for this interview. I am blessed that somebody wants to interview me (Laughter). Much appreciated. Currently I'm working on a new album called The Doctor Will See You Now. I have two singles circulating, one titled “The Comeback” and the other “They'll Neva B” (Valentine’s Day). “The Comeback” video is done; getting some great feedback and continuing to climb in numbers.

WISDOM:  Being a part of both UTFO and Whodini as an MC and dancer, is there a possibility of recording any new music or going on tour in the upcoming future?

DOC ICE:  I'm actually on the Royalty Of Hip Hop tour with Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Rakim, DJ Kool. As far as UTFO is concerned I don't see anything happening right now.

WISDOM:  How do you see your position as an elder statesman in the hip hop realm?

DOC ICE:  I see my position as grounded, and I hope that I can get the fans from our era to continue to buy our new CD's and download songs because they are just as knowledgeable as the kids nowadays, and that would really make me feel more rooted and grounded in the realm of hip hop.

WISDOM:  I had the opportunity to see you come onstage with Whodini when they performed last year in Baltimore for an old school hip hop show. How does it feel to still get on stage to perform?

DOC ICE:  It's one of the best feelings in the world to get on stage and party with the people. It's a blessing to still be rapping and dancing in 2012.

WISDOM:  Name three hip hop artists that you are currently listening to.

DOC ICE:  Jay-Z, Ludacris, Rick Ross, etc.

WISDOM:  When "Roxanne, Roxanne" first exploded on the scene, did you expect so many response records?

DOC ICE:  Not at all, it was a total surprise! We couldn't believe that we created the soap opera of hip hop with “Roxanne, Roxanne”.

WISDOM:  Are there any artists you would love to record with at the moment?

DOC ICE:  The real question is, are there any artists that would want to record with me (LOL). But if I had to choose I would say Busta Rhymes, maybe Chris Brown, maybe Nicki Minaj.

WISDOM:  What pieces of advice would you give an aspiring artist looking to enter the music business?

DOC ICE:  Do not let anybody tell you that you can't do it, stay focused, and never give up on your dream. Even if you have to work to make a living stay on the path.

WISDOM:  Since WISDOM SEEKER is designed to illuminate those that are reaching new artistic heights, how does it feel to still be recognized within the hip hop world?

DOC ICE:  Like Kanye said, "it's amazing, so amazing".

WISDOM:  What is allowing Doc Ice to still be "on the rise"?

DOC ICE:  Just knowing that there are people around the world still looking for something from me, and I don't wanna leave the fans that we gained empty and without a choice. Whether people like it or not hip hop is not for the youth; it's a music that keeps you young, but we all enjoy it, so what keeps me "on the rise" is the people.

WISDOM:  Let the WISDOM SEEKER family know how to reach out to you with social media or websites.

DOC ICE:  I can be reached @therealdocice on Twitter, at, or Doc Ice on Facebook.

WISDOM:  Thank you very much Doc Ice for being gracious enough to give WISDOM SEEKER access to your professional life. Again, it is an honor to speak with someone who has been an influential figure within hip hop.

DOC ICE:  Thank you again for this privilege,  keep on rising! Peace… Doc Ice.

Doc Ice is a hip hop pioneer, both as an MC with UTFO and breakdancer with Whodini, emerging on the hip hop scene in ’83-’84. As part of UTFO (which stood for Untouchable Force Organization), he unknowingly became part of hip hop lore with the classic “Roxanne, Roxanne”, a song which spun a long thread of response records during the 1980’s. Not one to rest on his laurels, you can still find Doc Ice pursuing his musical passion, still recording quality music and performing. Stay tuned for more from the artist known as Doc Ice!

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