Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last night, while perusing Twitter as usual, I came across a shocking revelation or declaration from fellow journalist and respected writer dream hampton.  If you don't know, dream hampton has been entrenched in hip hop culture for the better part of the past twenty years, from being an editor with The Source, writing for a multitude of publications such as Vibe and The Village Voice, and recently co-authoring the Jay-Z best-seller Decoded.  What caught me off guard was her assertion that Nas used ghostwriters for his Untitled album (better known in hip hop circles as Nigger).  Reading her tweet may take more abstract thinking than literal, but in essence she pointed out stic.man from dead prez and Jay Electronica as the two individuals responsible for the alleged ghostwriting duties.  In all fairness, both highly respected artists (in their own rights) are credited on a few of the songs, such as "Queens Get The Money" (Jay Electronica) and "Sly Fox" (stic.man).  Also, the context of the allegation needs to be noted, as dream hampton was discussing another hot hip hop topic in relation to her friend and cohort Jay-Z (about Jay discussing more substantive items in his material).  Obviously, these points all lead up to Mr. Jones going on Power 106 in Cali with Big Boy.  Part of the conversation with host Big Boy was if a prolific lyricist such as Nas has used ghostwriters in the past to craft his lyrics.  Check out the response during the video, and you be the judge.

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