Friday, September 14, 2012


September 14, 2012 is a great day for real, raw, authentic, lyrical Hip Hop with the release of the Consumer Voice 360° Project.  With CVEG CEO Lewis Williams III as Executive Producer for this retro, yet forward-thinking, mixtape, you have a collective of mostly Baltimore-based emcees (not rappers) who put their spin on vintage Hip Hop joints.  Fifteen tracks of unadulterated lyricism over an array of dope sounds is an apt way to describe Consumer Voice 360° Project.  From beginning to end this mixtape, which in my humble opinion is one of the best releases in 2012, captivates the listener by merging the lanes of old and new, allowing for each emcee involved to offer their refreshing lyricism to ride the provided soundscapes effortlessly.  A who's who of lyrical artists abound on the Consumer Voice 360° Project:  The Last Born Child (who also served as Co-Executive Producer for the project), Lavar Conscious, Lonnie Moore, 330,, Morock, skoolafish, Bravo, Reyo, Yo Slick, Rome Cee, Cyn Hawkes, Eagle G.G.I., Showtyme, DJ Black Wizard and DJ Rich.  If beats and rhymes are your forte, then PLEASE download this mixtape below:

A song by song review is forthcoming for Consumer Voice 360° Project, because this brief description will not do justice to the hard work put forth by the artists and entities involved.  Mark Carey of Street Legal Entertainment fame deserves mention for recording, mixing, and mastering this audacious undertaking.  Without his input and expertise, I doubt that we would have the finished product that is Consumer Voice 360° Project.  All in all, listeners will not be disappointed in the least bit.  What we have here in this mixtape is a project that realized the vision of Lewis Williams III to provide quality Hip Hop that B-more and beyond will be proud of in 2012 going forward.  To connect more with Consumer Voice, utilize the social media outlets listed below. 

Facebook:  Consumer Voice Ent. Group
Twitter:  @cvegceo
Reverbnation:  consumervoice360project


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