Monday, December 3, 2012

Video: "Black Orpheus"---Jesse Boykins III feat. MeLo-X

Jesse Boykins III is one of those talents that flies under the proverbial radar, but gets MUCH RESPECT from a brotha like myself.  I've had the pleasure of witnessing his artistry live and in person last year in Baltimore at Select Lounge, so I'm no stranger to what he brings to the table.  With his frequent collaborator in tow, MeLo-X, "Black Orpheus" emerges.  A dope, visual, visceral piece of work is what we have here with this new video.  Take a few minutes to observe and absorb what JBIII is bringing to light for the new year (sorry, but that Mayan calendar thing is not gonna happen people).  Directed by Dr. Woo, this eye-grasping treat will sure to have you talking about this artist.  Hit iTunes and download the new LP Zulu Guru, which will take you into that crazy, sexy, cool dimension that Jesse Boykins III occupies for the women.  Follow JBIII on Twitter: @JesseBoykins3rd.

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