Thursday, February 14, 2013


Patrick Brown, the son of Jimmy Brown from 70's funk outfit Brick, is better known to the Hip Hop world as Sleepy Brown.  He is the son of a Brick, but he doesn't know how to lay one, that's for sure.  With his deep dedication to that Dungeon Family/Organized Noize sound that I love with a passion, he makes sure to not stray too far from his sonic signature, written with an aural ATL pen.  Check the catalog, be it solo and collectively, and Sleepy Brown doesn't disappoint.  With his Society Of Soul cohort Big Rube, another dope and highly slept on artist in his own right, you have the continuation of the artistry.  "Choosen" starts with Big Rube spittin' that ATL fire (or as they say, fiyah), delivering more truth and bravado than any contemporary cat riding high on the charts that I mostly ignore.  If there is any one individual that has influenced me from a urban, poetic standpoint, it has to be Big Rube.  With a penchant for penning some of the most profound Hip Hop adjectives and pronouns anywhere within earshot, he drops another poetic gem that illuminates the notion that DF is "Dat Family".  Anyway, before I digress any further, view the visuals brought to light by Video Rahim.  As usual, Okayplayer is ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing that avant-garde before the followers catch wind of it.  The new Sleepy Brown EP ATL = A Town Legend can be found on iTunes.

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