Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Beat Making Lab is a project very near and dear to my B-more to NC heart.  Entrenched in this thing we call Hip Hop from its earliest beginnings, I've witnessed the negative connotations associated with the culture.  It is a rare moment when Hip Hop is shown in a positive, uplifting light.  I have always felt that this artistic movement can be useful as a teaching tool, not only on a local level, but from a global standpoint.  Beat Making Lab is just that, the creative brainchild of Pierce Freelon and The Apple Juice Kid.  Starting as a course at UNC Chapel Hill (go Tar Heels), it has now taken on a new life through PBS (go Sesame Street).  Through this partnership, Beat Making Lab is reaching the masses, exposing the creative and artistic powers of Hip Hop.  It's a simple concept that is reaping benefits:  supply the tools for youth to express and create through beats and rhymes. 

I can go on and on, but I think the proper thing to do is to show the first two episodes of a five-episode where Freelon and The Apple Juice Kid travel to the Fiji archipelago in Melanesia.  PBS and Okayplayer are just some of the viewing venues that are sharing this with the world.  Add WISDOM SEEKER to that list.  Peace to my NC brethren Pierce Freelon and The Apple Juice Kid for sharing their efforts and time to expand Hip Hop on a global level.

Heartbeats In Fiji (Episode 1)

Trapped In Paradise (Episode 2)


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