Sunday, November 17, 2013


Rome Cee and Greenspan combined forces to drop a dynamic EP entitled Cee-Span.  This September 11th release has garnered nothing but positive attention and praise on a nationwide scale, not limiting these two lyricists to being known as just Baltimore-based artists (even though Harm City shows much love to their native sons).  Please take a listen and get a glimpse into the world of Cee-Span, as this six-song collection of dopeness takes us on a lyrical journey outside the 81 square-mile radius of B-more.  With production from the likes of August Flight Gordon, Carvo Music, Pablow Beats, Swiff D and R-Play Beats, we have a soundbed that matches the fire and passion behind the lyrics throughout.  Al Great, Chelsea Terrace and Masherra Hunt add just the right Old Bay Seasoning to the delectable crabcake that is Cee-Span (peep the reference Wisdom Seekers).  Expect more from both Rome Cee (@RomeCee) and Greenspan (@Greenspan410) in 2014 and beyond, because both artists are poised to make a major splash and crush the notion of what an emcee from our fair city is capable of doing.

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