Saturday, March 11, 2017


For those that have never experienced a Boiler Room set with world-wide acclaimed spinners from various genres, it is an absolute treat.  With the dj front and center the listening audience is bombarded with hours of music spanning different avenues.  Of course the best to showcase a Boiler Room set would have to be my personal favorite behind the wheels of steel (or Serato), DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Adding more panache to the golden moment in January 2017 is DJ Jazzy Jeff transferring that energy to a Philly crowd.  What we have hear is close to two hours of non-stop music that only Jazzy Jeff could bring to life on an intimate yet vibrant scale in his hometown.  With his resident sidekick and artist Dayne Jordan accompanying him as official hype man, DJ Jazzy Jeff puts on a performance for the ages.   Please don't hesitate to play this during some downtime, at work, or whenever you get the opportunity.  You will surely be satisfied yet yearning for more.  Make certain you also check out the very dope Vinyl Destination series, where you get a peek into the touring lifestyle that Jeff and company endures for the culture.

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