Tuesday, December 19, 2017


With 2017 coming to a much needed close, we have another dope single from The Ghost Of Len Bias EP entitled "Tom Sheppard".  If you are a nostalgic cat that fiends for 90's Hip Hop culture, you will get the reference as the basketball character (portrayed by Leon) searching for his identity in the hood classic Above The Rim.  UllNevaNo channels that characterization in this video (directed by another dope artist/producer Logic Marselis).  Enjoy the Golden Era vibes (courtesy of producer Jumbled) and don't forget to support one of the best indie releases I've heard in this otherwise depressing year (full of political strife).  I'll save the soap-box rantings for another post.

Twitter:  @ullnevano @napalmdef
Bandcamp:  https://magnetikmoments.bandcamp.com/album/the-ghost-of-len-bias

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