Thursday, May 10, 2018


Creative and artistic freedom is what most artists (in my humble opinion) strive for in this day and age.  DJ Jazzy Jeff, one of my go-to legends when it comes to turntablism and production, has now entered the realm of a musical free agent, so to speak, with the release of the final installment in the Magnificent series, M3.  This is the first Jazzy Jeff-helmed product as an independent artist, and that freedom serves him well.  He's been so influential in developing artists and sounds for the better part of three-plus decades, and this album is an emphatic exclamation point for Magnificent as a sonic trilogy.  Dope collaborations abound, with Dayne Jordan, Rhymefest, Amir (Jeff's son), Masego, James Poyser, Andre Harris (Dre & Vidal) and others contributing their talents to this exciting project.  I have no secrets about DJ Jazzy Jeff as one of my biggest influences, and M3 is another feather in a stellar, almost unparalleled career as one of the dopest DJ's ever (actually he is the dopest in my book).  Stream and download the project (and thank me later).  Fleet DJ/Fleet Producer WISDOM BEATS signing out!


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