Sunday, July 26, 2020


     To say the least, 2020 has been the most challenging year that humanity as a collective has experienced in eons.  There has been plenty of source material to include on WISDOM SEEKER, but I have been focusing on the musical side to challenge my anger and angst creatively.  Writing is still a passion (albeit a quieter one at age 5-0).  Needless to say it is time for me to do what is necessary to keep the WISDOM SEEKER banner flying high.
     Talib Kweli has been on the receiving end of criticism and vitriol due to his penchant for Twitter disagreements.  I won't get into that because I am about the positive aspects of this dope emcee.  His People's Party podcast/show has been doing quite well, so I am going to focus on that aspect right now.  His recent interview with Chi-Town legend Common is an informative and lengthy foray into multiple topics.  Show co-host Jasmin Leigh adds dope insight during the course of this two-hour hip hop dissertation.  Enjoy, and welcome me back to my WISDOM SEEKER platform.

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