Saturday, August 27, 2011


One month from now we will FINALLY be blessed with the solo joint from one of my favorite artists EVER, Phonte Coleman, former Little Brother spitter, current Foreign Exchange emcee/vocalist, and resident hip hop renaissance man.  The first selection from his solo album is "Not Here Anymore", featuring rhyme scientist Elzhi and produced by another favorite 9th Wonder.  I'm so glad that 9th and Phonte are working together again, because you can not fake chemistry.  I love this joint, and I am sure you will too.  Hit me up on Twitter under @wisdom31 to see my "31 Days Of Phonte Quotables" starting today to see why this lyricist supreme is so revered in the hip hop community.  Even your favorite artists (i.e. Drizzy Drake) recognize Phonte as an influence because of his sheer dopeness and everyman appeal.  Don't forget to cop Phonte's album Charity Starts At Home on 9/27/11 (along with Cole World from J. Cole and The Wonder Year from 9th Wonder).  ENJOY!

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