Monday, May 26, 2014


The Baltimore IndieFest has been a long time in the making for Charm City heads.  No commercialism.  No filler.  Just pure, unadulterated music courtesy of some of the finest talent within the region.  Names such as Eze Jackson, Greenspan, Wendel Patrick, Kissi B, DJ P Chris, DJ Trelly Trell, and Queen Culture will infiltrate The 8x10 on May 30th to bring a level of artistry that is sometimes not showcased in our fair city.  Even though I am physically 300 miles away in the City Of Oaks, I still give my deepest support for the Baltimore IndieFest movement.  It will be a very dope event, to say the least.  Leading up to the musical extravaganza is the DJ Trelly Trell-mixed promotional mixtape.  Baltimore IndieFest The Mixtape gives the listener a glimpse into what is in store at The 8x10 this upcoming Friday.  Thirteen prime cuts will wet your whistle and leave ears wanting more.  Get your tickets via the website:

Let this dope mixtape serve notice that the independent, underground scene is alive and well in the metropolis by the Patapsco.


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