Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is a major late pass moment for me.  I normally don't allow dope music, right under my nose, to slip through the cracks, but in this case I was oblivious to the Ethel Cee and Dumhi EP entitled SEVEN THIRTY.  Dumhi has been on my radar as Okayplayer fam for quite a few years [shout out Mash Comp (@wisemath) and Haj (@alwaysdumhi) and the other Dumhi-related artists].  Ethel Cee (@EthelCee) is, in one word, amazing.  Gender plays no role in me identifying someone with lyrical and artistic talent, and Ethel Cee is the epitome of talent.  The Illadelph lyricist teamed up with Dumhi producer to release SEVEN THIRTY to unsuspecting ears Spring 2012 (hence the late pass reference). 

A video that I came across this weekend is the very creative "Lost".  Utilizing a sample from the television cult-classic Soap, and then creatively intertwining footage from the seminal late 70's/early 80's ABC show that I fondly remember, "Lost" takes us on a short yet precise journey.  Cee drops gems during her one verse dissertation on love that may be seemingly lost.  Not lost, however, is the accompanying production Haj has concocted.  You be the judge AND jury, because the verdict is in, and "Lost" (as well as the entire excellently executed EP) is a dope listen, even a couple years after its release.  In the meantime, watch this inventive video.  I guess I will be posting late pass options going forward, thanks to this joint!

Visit the aforementioned artist websites to see more music in the burgeoning discographies.  Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, and listen to some dope music!

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