Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"FREEDOM" --- [Produced by WISDOM]

With the very visible and targeted attack on Black existence, it is only right that a chord is struck from a creative standpoint.  Hence we have my diatribe on the volatile subject of #BlackLivesMatter.  "Freedom" is my response in 2014 as a rallying force and battle cry to take up virtual arms and fight for what is right.  Fighting doesn't mean fisticuffs (unless necessary in my opinion); taking a stance can come in many forms and fashions.  Social media awareness is definitely one of the avenues in which we as a people can make those that don't necessarily understand the plights of inner city (and now suburban as well as rural) people of color who are systematically being pushed to the brink.  The brink of what, you may ask?  The brink of destroying preconceived notions and prejudices based on tainted media perception and antiquated ways of thinking.  Truth be told, it took me a little longer than anticipated to create "Freedom".  It is not necessarily the "best" or "most creative" beat that I've concocted.  I believe, however, that it is the most passionate because of the lengthy crate-digging and combing through archives of vocal recordings and speeches relating to the Black struggle, especially during the post-Civil Rights and Black Power era of the late 60's and early 70's.  Making "Freedom" was painstaking yet cathartic.  I hope what you get is a sense that revolution of some sort is on the horizon.  We can't let senseless deaths of our Black males, continued sexism with our Black women, and overall disrespect of our existence continue, with 2015 looking like it will be the precipice of racial tensions.  #BlackLivesMatter should be the continuing theme, and I hope and pray that "Freedom" ignites something, anything, that will spark revolutionary rhetoric and action.

Now question, is every nigga with dreads for the cause?
Is every nigga with golds for the fall

                                                              ---Andre 3000 ("Aquemini")

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