Thursday, January 15, 2015


2015 is upon us, and I'm excited by the prospects of new, dope music permeating the airwaves.  Thus far I've encountered some flyness via beats outside of my normal sphere.  Of course Twitter has been my friend in this beat adventure, allowing me access to come across this musical gem.  Vol. 7 - Beatxploitation by The Beatfonics Crew is just that diamond in the rough I've been seeking.  Even though I've noticed 9 volumes produced by the beat clan, Vol. 7 stands firm in its position because of the obscure, and not-so-obscure, funk and Blaxploitation joints that called the 1970's home.  This international collective of beatsmiths have joined forces to deliver a powerful throwback to an era that never seems to lose its allure.  Vol. 7 - Beatxploitation has nineteen tracks to whet the appetites of those hungry for beats (sans rhymes) that are not of the cookie-cutter variety.  I'm going to make it a priority to check out each volume from The Beatfonics Crew to gather inspiration and develop an extended musical palette for my own chopping pleasure.  Make certain to check out the beats and support quality music.


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