Thursday, January 15, 2015


Peace and blessings WISDOM SEEKERS!  It's been a good while since I've made my presence felt via this social media vehicle.  So much has transpired from a political and racial standpoint that it has been quite overwhelming to say the least.  Under normal circumstances I would have taken to WISDOM SEEKER to voice concerns and showcase artistic pieces of expression from like-minded artists on a local and national standpoint.  I just wasn't in the proper mindset to do this blog justice.  With 2015 upon us, this is a good time to reignite and reenergize myself with a revamped WISDOM SEEKER, making certain that I am able to document what Hip Hop culture will mean for this year and beyond.
Okayplayer has been the biggest influence because it showed me that other similar (and not-so-similar) individuals could discuss, dissect, and disseminate.  I appreciate what Questlove and crew have been able to do with Okayplayer, because it has influenced other social media outlets and sites.  That is why this recent OKP TV jawn "Questlove Vs. Patti LaBelle" is hilarious and amusing.  Questlove has kept his finger on the pulse of the culture for the better part of two-plus decades, and this animated video proves that point.  It is an ingenious way to tell a story (I'm sure there is MUCH more to this) that has been brewing for quite a few years.  Peace to Hectah for providing the animation, bringing the Quest vocalization to life here. 


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