Sunday, August 6, 2017


Baltimore has been a virtual warzone for many years, so it comes as no surprise that the citizens of this great city are tired of the violence that has permeated its 92 square miles.  A 72-hour ceasefire by activists was devised to not only put a pause on gunplay in the city, but to also bring attention to the various factors that have multiplied to put B-more in this precarious position.  I'm so glad that the B-more Hip Hop community stood in unison to bring something positive to the table with this multifaceted collaboration aptly titled "Baltimore Cease Fire".  A who's who of lyricists and artists participated in this dope venture:  Von Vargas, Greenspan, Femi The Drifish,  Josh Lay, Smallz, TT The Artist, Blaqstarr, Ill Conscious, Preme, Martina Lynch, The Boy Blesst.  Take a listen at this joint effort and continue to support Baltimore Cease Fire as a real movement, not just a weekend adventure.

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