Monday, September 11, 2017



Written by:  WISDOM

Pull that card from the evil one who thinks that his monetary status is all powerful

I said a mouthful but more needs to be said before our ideals are dead

Deceased from being released into a polluted atmosphere of fear and hate

Don't take the bait but wait for the opportunity knocking on our shore doors

Ban a man or woman because of religious belief is walking a path laid by slavery savored forefathers

And now we see this hatred come to strange fruition in this 21st century foxtrot

Through a wilderness that may soon be blocked by a wall called racism that will never be erased

White without black equals invisibility so is this what we want as our reality that is a virtual lie

Where alternative facts are believed and perceived as what is right but left out one thing, truth

Proof is right in front of our collective faces and at fingertips tweeting the revolution that is still now televised

Rise of the machine that doesn't deserve me to call by name because it is a true shame

Game set match but will not shake hands at the net I bet there will be regret sooner than later

Call me a hater but true hatred causes bloodshed and enough dead to make naysayers take a closer view

Cards dealt so should the hand be thrown in or played as they are you be the judge at this moment

Because this Trump card is nothing more than a dumb fraud to try and bump God off His throne

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