Wednesday, May 2, 2012


His music has been sampled numerous times in hip hop, and you may have never even noticed.  He has written for top-notch artists, and you may have never attached his name to their projects.  You may listened to his music on "Quiet Storm" formats throughout the years, but never knew the name behind the vampy chord changes and smooth, melodic vocals.  Remember "Good Love" by Anita Baker, sampled by A Tribe Called Quest for "Stressed Out"?  If not, get familiar with the name Gary Taylor.

I've been such an avid fan of Gary Taylor for the better part of two-plus decades, and just like the Taylor-penned  classic for The Whispers "Just Gets Better With Time", he indeed has been a timeless commodity within the music world.  Nine albums deep into a discography that many soul artists would be envious of, starting with the 1983 debut G.T. and 1987 album Compassion, this artist continues to paint aural pictures at his own crafty pace.  He is set to release a new collection of romantic cuts for the mature, grown, and sexy sector, Acoustic Therapy.  I am certain that this album will continue that tried and true path that Taylor has mapped out since the latter part of the 20th Century. 

There are quite a few albums within the catalog that I am very fond of, especially the 1998 release Love Dance, which included a favorite with the same title.

After listening to this song for the first time, I had no choice but to buy the CD (that's right, a compact disc for my 21st Century digital music lovers).  I managed to play that CD over and over AND OVER again, helping to calm the sometimes savage beast that is Wisdom.  The musical family that houses the talented Gary Taylor is Morning Crew Music, the Los Angeles-based imprint that has been an integral part in the musical career.  Hands on is an understatement when speaking of Morning Crew, because it has that familial spirit that is missing in mainstream, contemporary music.  That is not by accident.  If anything, Morning Crew is just an extension of Taylor and his musical aesthetic.  Morning Crew Music, I've had the wonderful experience of witnessing, will provide that personal touch that harkens back to bygone days within the music sphere.  Visit the website to view the vast discography and information about Gary Taylor for proof:  I've had music sent to me via mail within a few short days directly from the Music Crew family, with a personalized message attached to my purchase, making that selection one that will stay within my mental forever.

I know there are quite a few seasoned individuals, mostly women, that have a familiarity with Taylor and his music.  I've had conversations about his collaborations, albums, and lack of touring opportunities.  One thing I can safely say about Taylor is that he ALWAYS has a demand for live shows, so Taylor visiting the DMV region on May 13th is going to be a special treat for fans and newcomers alike.  The Birchmere, in Alexandria, will be the place to be for all to witness his quiet genius.  I say quiet because he lets the music, sometimes ambient, sometimes atmospheric, speak on his behalf.  Since I was an quiet, intellligent lad of thirteen, Taylor has been giving the audience what they desperately want, and need, on his own terms.  He doesn't let pressure or sales dictate his musical production.  The outcome is an organic piece of artistry that stands on its own two musical feet.  Those two feet have slowly, yet surely, stepped into a musical space that is occupied by a select few, so select that I can't even divulge any names at the moment. 

I'm glad that Taylor has forged a path of chance, not giving in to any industry indulgences to dilute his music.  When Acoustic Therapy is released for the world to experience, that title will be aptly applied.  Listening to Gary Taylor over the years, at least for myself, has been an acoustic therapy, and I am excited AND grateful for him occupying that sometimes lonely place within music.  Gary Taylor, I salute you!  You are indeed worthy of this Gemstone Series story!


G.T. (1983)

Twitter:  @gblackness

Photos courtesy of Morning Crew Music website



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