Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Your favorite rapper's favorite Christian rapper has a new project droppping soon on May 10th.  Lecrae Moore, known in the hip hop and Christian music world as just Lecrae, will be unveiling Church Clothes to the gospel and secular worlds, hopefully to great fanfare.  The mixtape, released through Reach Records (founded and co-owned by Lecrae himself), will be hosted by DJ Don Cannon, and this will be the first official Lecrae-based mixtape.  Lecrae takes a decidedly secular approach when making and marketing his music.  Truth be told, nothing is wrong with this approach, because his message is crystal clear:  making sure that the masses take hold of his words.  I don't see Lecrae as the preaching type, but someone who is real with his lyrics and image, and that is the key to him making that move across Christian/secular boundaries to be accepted and embraced.

The new video that recently dropped for the project is also titled "Church Clothes", with a few cosigns from cats such as underground phenom Kendrick Lamar (who really is taking that next-level step along with Lecrae) and 9th Wonder.  I remember an internet convo I had with 9th via Okayplayer about him possibly working with a Christian hip hop artist, and him not really considering that as an option at the time.  That conversation came about because of my dope NC cousin J Real (who is also a Christian hip hop artist using the genre to spread the Good Word).  Shout out to J Real for hippin' me to Lecrae.  He was on my radar a few years ago, but J gave me a real lesson on who Lecrae was as an artist that was trying to blur the lines of the music, making sure that he was staying true to his ATL by way of Houston roots AND delivering a poignant, spiritual message.  "Church Clothes" is just that joint to be street and tabernacle at the same time.  From his appearance on the BET Awards Hip Hop Cypher to now, Lecrae is poised to make noise, a joyful noise to say the least!  Enjoy the video from this Grammy and Dove Award-nominated artist, and support Church Clothes.


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