Friday, June 30, 2017


I've been looking forward to the official video for "Chill N Smoke" ever since DUB (my son and a dope emcee) told me about this joint with fellow rhyme spitter DREWSKII DOE.  I try to stay impartial on matters of familial creativity (I shy away from nepotism and allow each individual the opportunity to shine on their own merits).  Looks like that premise is out the window for this video and song.  Even though I am a purist at heart with Hip Hop, I have been humming the chorus and refrain constantly since seeing a draft of "Chill N Smoke".  Not quite trap and off the peripheral of boom bam, this song is more a vibe and anthem than anything else.  I pride myself on the lyrical side of the artform, and there are gems sprinkled throughout this summer cruiser.  This song is more than a banal ode to puffin' trees but a depiction of a young Black male living day to day in Harm City.  Listen closely and you can decipher deeper meaning behind the coded language.  False relationships built on dividends, survival on the gritty streets, easing continual pain via medicinal means and ultimate triumph.  The title says "Chill N Smoke", yet you will soon find that there is much more depth and purpose with these two artists bubblin' on the B-more Hip Hop scene.  With dope visuals provided by EBAN Films (Dir | @StevenQSpeilberg) you have the makings of a song poised to make noise everywhere.     





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