Sunday, June 25, 2017


Don P.  Bandana P.  Prodigy.  Albert Johnson.  For the better part of two-plus decades he, along with partner in rhyme Havoc, brought us some of the most visceral, dark and reality-laden music the genre of Hip Hop has ever witnessed.  They started their careers as Poetical Prophets (go back to The Source Unsigned Hype, July 1991 issue), but the reinvention as Mobb Deep forever forged their place in the pantheon of our culture.  In retrospect, The Infamous was the template for many a hip hop release for years to come.  In 2012 Wes Jackson (@westothejack), a Hip Hop historian and curator for The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, conducted a series of interviews with Prodigy and Havoc, centered around the seminal classic The Infamous.  Produced by Red Bull Media House and Rooster Films, this documentary gives a more candid glimpse into what prompted the two powerhouse artists in Mobb Deep to delve into the darkness that is Hip Hop culture.  What we get is a snapshot, an artistic slice that can never be replicated again with the passing of Prodigy.  Rest in power dunn.  Forever will we in the Hip Hop community be hooked on Mobb phonics.

Mobb Deep "The Infamous" documentary from Wes Jackson on Vimeo.

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