Sunday, June 25, 2017


L.A. based emcee F.Y.I. recently released ameriBLACKKK, a creative venture that allows the artist to vent and venture into conscious and woke territory.  "These The Times (Don't Judge)" is a dope piece of artistry built upon a Bob James sample (for the crate-digging contingent).  It's a positive slice for Black Americana, so to speak, and is an uplifting sonic treat (produced by Sir John Lee and featuring vocalist Kaye Fox as well as horn player Ryck Jane).  Once you listen to this song, check out the entire ameriBLACKKK release to get a feel for F.Y.I. and what he is bringing to the table.  The Left Coast is definitely at the forefront of bringing dope emcees and Hip Hop to the masses.  F.Y.I. is someone to pay attention to for '17 and beyond.

Twitter: @FYIpsalms

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