Sunday, June 25, 2017


The Triangle's very own SkyBlew has teamed up with SublimeCloud for a follow-up project to Destined:  The Rebirth! entitled Destined:  The [R]Evolution.  This release is a prelude to the exciting news for SkyBlew to work with anime giant Funimation.  The twelve song release is a musical journey, with a layered sound, produced by SublimeCloud, catered perfectly for the mellifluous voice of SB.  Lyrically, you get a feel that is years beyond the two-plus decades of existence for SkyBlew.  He definitely has a soul that is one part 90's emcee and one part bohemian jazz musician.  Combine those dope traits with his love for anime and you have a multitalented as well as multicultural individual.  Make sure to support this dope project.  And as always, remember to "paint the sky, blew"!

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