Tuesday, June 27, 2017


T.I., for all the seemingly negative press he has been receiving because of his marital issues being played out for the world to see via VH-1 and social media, is surely making his presence felt on the socio-political tip (no pun intended).  His Grand Hustle release of the full-length Us or Else:  Letter To The System on December 16, 2016 (as a follow-up to the EP similarly named Us or Else) signaled a slight departure from the ATL veteran.  He has always sprinkled nuggets for consumers to grasp lyrically, but his most recent work is showing great depth and maturity for the highly-regarded emcee.  If you haven't seen the short film Us or Else, then you NEED to see where T.I. is taking the listener and viewer.  It is not just a trip through the sometimes rough streets of Atlanta, but a trek throughout our concrete jungles, suburbia and Middle America.  Mere words on WISDOM SEEKER will not do justice to this dope piece of art, but hopefully REAL justice will be served when it comes to the perpetuated persecution, prosecution and execution of people of color across this vast land.  Salute to T.I. for taking a stand with his art, for this is going to open the doors for others to do the same and make a real difference.

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